Website translation now made easy

A multilingual website can be one of the most important factors shaping the success of any business active in more than one country. Those who have tried it can confirm that is not so easy to offer relevant information in an enjoyable and grammatically professional way in – say – a dozen languages.

But now we can say it only used to be a difficult task. Our new, one-click translation tool called enables website owners to have their websites translated easily by professionals – and without the usual hassle of managing these (mostly freelance) professionals. Continue reading

Amsterdam, here we come!

The Next Web    The time has come: Amsterdam, brace yourself for Skawa!
Why deny it: we are getting overexcited as The Next Web Conference is drawing nearer. We will be flying to Amsterdam tomorrow, to go to one of the best conferences an IT-startup can go. More than 1500 experts and professionals are expected to attend this huge conference: guys from small startups just like us to industry leaders, IT geeks and to a wide variety of media.

Expect stuff you’ve never seen on an event before, things you’ve never heard of, expect the best content, an amazing show, great people – that’s what the organizers promise us.

Well, what else can we say: we’ll do our best to contribute to all these. And, by doing so, I’m sure, we as well will be blown away. Hope to see you on the spot!

What do online shoppers need?

Hundreds or thousands of products and items – that’s what we usually find in webshops. The wide range of products is one of the most positive features of online merchandise. Beside the ease and comfort webshops offer to customers.Online sales

However, this huge product range may also become a burden for a customer who does not look for a very specific item he or she already knows. It is only if the customers are familiar with the brand, the model and the make of the product they are looking for that the online shopper succeeds in a jiffy.

Now really: how many such sure-footed and determined customers are there in the vast online world? While the majority of web surfers have some idea of what they are looking for, very often they need assistance during web shopping. Continue reading