Easyling:constant evolution

A few days ago we have proudly conveyed that on September 14 this year, we will be visiting the annual conference of the Association of Translation Companies and presenting a new version of our 1-click website translation tool Easyling.

Well, the day has come, here we are in London! And while preparing for the show, let me invite you to be our virtual audience and listen to what we have to say about Easyling: this time, in the form of this blog entry. Continue reading

London: a city of opportunities for us, too

London – the city has been in the foreground of public attention thanks to the 2012 Olympic Games. We have also followed this spectacular sports event and jubilated the successes, and while doing so, we couldn’t have surmised that London will play a very significant role in our lives, as well.

On September 14 this year, we visit the annual conference of the Association of Translation Companies. And it is here, at this forum that we will be able to present the finished and ready-for-use version of our 1-click website translation tool Easyling.

We have been developing Easyling for months now, and it is a great pleasure for us to be able to announce the commercial launch of this service at such a recognized professional forum. We also hope we will get a lot of inspiration, feedback and comments at this conference, everything we can use to render Easyling even better.

Excited as we are about this event, we’ll keep you posted on what is happening to us and to Easyling there. In the meantime, check out the ever-forming website of Easyling for website translators and agencies here: www.easyling.com.