Easyling for unbounce

Easyling for unbounceWe are proud to announce our special partnership with unbounce, a tool to help you create ultimate landing pages. As a result of our collaboration, you can make multilingual landing pages with unbounce and Easyling ready for A/B testing on any market.


Unbounce is designed with conversion in mind. It empowers you to maximize your marketing spend by building high-converting landing pages that increase campaign ROI.

Copywriting is undoubtedly one of the most critical areas of creating well-performing landing pages. The right messages make a significant difference on what visitors think about your brand and the fist impression can result in an immediate bounce or a conversion.

The right content is even more critical,  when you want to deliver your message in a foreign language. If you are not a native speaker in the language of the visitors you want to target, it is time for you to consider using Easyling. Proxy-based translation service, Easyling reproduces your unbounce landing page in any language with a click, by qualified, native translators. No IT effort is needed from your side.

Create your own fully branded and translated landing pages with unbounce and Easyling. Get an extended 45-day trial of Easyling with unbounce.

It’s just 1 click. No credit cards needed.