Toll free numbers: still timely?

Telecommunication has become much easier recently and in the age of cell phones or low-rate distance calls, you might ask yourself: “Do I need a toll free number for my business?” There are several pros and cons to answer this question. Let me highlight some reasoning from the point of view of a small business owner.  Continue reading

Toll free voice contact: are you ready for the challenge?

In one of our previous posts we pondered over the use and benefits of toll free numbers. Below we’d like to examine the most common issues and questions connected to this feature.

One key issue, which also proves the popularity and neediness of this feature, is increased call volume. Many GreenCaller users experience that their online stores get almost as many calls as they can handle. So before launching the toll free call option, one should build up a sound infrastructure including not only IT-characteristics, but also manpower.

Secondly, one should prepare that almost every second customer calling will ask trivial questions whose answers could easily be indicated on the website. Therefore, it is advisable to jot down the question of the customer and add it to the F.A.Q. with the relevant answer. After that, one can only hope that there will be no need to answer the same question again. To do our best in this matter, one should display the link to the F.A.Q. page on a prominent place of the landing page.

Smaller businesses often face the challenge of 24/7 availability, as well. A family-run enterprise cannot be accessible on the phone all day. However, a non-responding toll free number can be rather frustrating for the customer and can easily deteriorate the credibility of our business, so we should do our best to answer as many calls as possible.

It is also a common question where the GreenCaller button should be put on the website. All we can say in this matter is that it should be easily visible on the opening or landing page, as well.

Are you socially devoted?

As the average user spends over 55 minutes on Facebook, more and more companies present their brand pages on this social medium. Some mis/believe (choose whichever expression you think is true) that if your brand doesn’t have a FB page, it does not even exist. One must show up on the most popular social network, even with B2B services, as there are tens of thousands of work-related networks.

However not everybody is using smartly this medium as a channel for two-way communication. Brand pages tend to forget that social media serves as an excellent opportunity to build credibility, trust and loyalty. Do you? Continue reading

Many visitors, few customers?

Less than 5 percent – that’s how many of a website’s visitors turn into real customers. At least according to global online sales statistics.
This proportion may seem surprisingly low. But keep in mind: it is a very long road that takes from visiting a website to actually purchasing a product or a service there.

Statistics show that 90-95 percent of visitors to any small or medium-sized company’s website end up making their purchase somewhere else, most likely on the competitor’s website. The obvious reasoning says they probably didn’t find what they were looking for on the website they visited first.

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