Chinese is the most compact language

If only we could post in Chinese! According to a recent study, the same text can be up to 70 per cent shorter in Chinese than in English. That is, we could share three to four times more info within – say – a Twitter post with you. Chinese is thus ideal for micro-blogging, as these texts tend to have a maximum expanse of 140 symbols.

But don’t worry: we will not switch over to Chinese immediately, as we don’t speak this very particular language on a professional level. In Hungary, where Skawa originates from, there is even a saying “this is Chinese to me”, which means exactly the same as the English proverb “it’s Greek to me”.

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Full House: How to boost hotels’ turnover

Online shopping has become “default setting” in a lot of business areas, and probably the most widely so in the tourism sector. With the rapid expansion of online booking, businesses operating in tourism are having vast opportunities to market themselves to travelers. However, competition has become even tougher in this sector. Let me only hint at the overwhelming success of such sites as or

It is a challenge to emerge from this online revolution as a winner. And under these circumstances, the benefit of direct contact with guests has become even more significant.

With millions of tour operators and accommodation service providers on the web, a lot of online services that used to be revolutionary only a decade ago are now considered evident by the visitors of these touristic websites.  High-quality web presence, up-to-date information, photo gallery, interactive booking surface – only a few of the multiple tools now regarded as fundamental requirements on a hotel’s, motel’s or guesthouse’s website.

One has to go even further on the route leading to professional customer service. Beside a rich and attractively designed website, the possibility to make direct contact with a service provider is more than important. Of course, website visitors are skimpy, in at least two senses: they do not devote more than a few seconds – in the best case a couple of minutes – to a website; and they are not willing to pay a penny for making contact with the website operator.

Thus, it is the operators’ responsibility to fill in these needs. One-click, free-of-charge direct access to the given hotel’s or guesthouse’s can now be realized with the help of GreenCaller. One more advantage of this solution is that it does not require the visitor to download or install any special software.

According to surveys, 40 percent of all travel arrangements involve preliminary information search on the web. It is this phase where any business – no matter if small or big – can make a leap ahead the others and  gain new customers. And this is especially true for tourism businesses. In this field, guests are even more cautious, they tend to ask dozens
of questions starting from the view from rooms, through special rates to nearby attractions and events.

If guests can put all such questions directly and instantly to a contact person of a hotel or a small pension house, the chance to welcome them a few days or weeks later simply multiplies.

What else could a hotel or a lodging house strive for? Especially at such a small investment?

What do online shoppers need?

Hundreds or thousands of products and items – that’s what we usually find in webshops. The wide range of products is one of the most positive features of online merchandise. Beside the ease and comfort webshops offer to customers.Online sales

However, this huge product range may also become a burden for a customer who does not look for a very specific item he or she already knows. It is only if the customers are familiar with the brand, the model and the make of the product they are looking for that the online shopper succeeds in a jiffy.

Now really: how many such sure-footed and determined customers are there in the vast online world? While the majority of web surfers have some idea of what they are looking for, very often they need assistance during web shopping. Continue reading

Get more customers: Top 5 online tips for small businesses

Customer acquisition or customer retention. It’s hard to tell, which of these two the tougher task for small and medium-sized businesses is.

Fortunately, there are ways to accomplish both. We made a little survey among our multi-fold clients to find the ‘secret recipe’ for successful online client conversion. That is, turning website visitors into customers.

Let me share with you my top 5 online tips  not only for retaining, but also for acquiring new customers:

1.)    Use new, eye-catching and customer-friendly technology solutions in order to draw visitors’ attention.
Try to emerge from the crowd of competitors with an extra service, a new gadget that creates interest and raises the attention of your visitors. If possible, offer them some convenient, easy-to-use solution that really gives added value to your core service.

2.)    Help your visitor right at the time of the purchasing decision.
No website can answer all the questions of its visitors. What we all do if there is no answer is clicking and jumping to the next search item in Google. To minimize bounces, provide immediate and free one-click access to customer and sales support on your website.

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